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Grab up to $200 towards your tour.

The third round of Great State Vouchers has been announced. These vouchers will support hosted tours and experiences.

Full details on how to claim the vouchers will be released soon, however it will be a simple process that will connect you with a great experience at a fraction of the usual price.

I was fortunate to be part of a small group tour and experience operators invited to participate in the launch of the vouchers by the South Australian Tourism Commission and the Premier of South Australia, Stephen Marshall.

Tour Operators across the country have been hit hard by Covid and the voucher program will encourage people to get out and about and experience more of our own backyard. There are fantastic destinations and characters in our beautiful wine regions where I operate and with our personal connections we can introduce so many experiences that are not on the tourist maps.

To lodge initial interest, please submit an enquiry on the form provided on our front page and we will keep you up to date with the voucher process and launch for consumers.

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